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We are riding the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge for a purpose. Ride4Africa-Israel is a unique campaign for committed South Africans of all religions, colours and creeds to show their pride in Israel and to bring the bounty of Israel to South Africa by implementing an Israeli hi-tech/agricultural project into an underprivileged SA community. Tell the good story!

Ride4Africa-Israel is a proud project of Mizrachi South Africa


The world is full of challenges. Innovation can help us eradicate and overcome these challenges. Our call to action is to bring innovation to Africa’s problems. – find solutions to Africa’s challenges. Israel, one of the world’s smallest countries – is huge on Innovation…


Through High tech and Agricultural innovation Israel is changing the world in cost effective and sustainable ways. Renowned for her strength in helping others – Israel has immense opportunity to partner with Africa. We want to be part of this relationship and with our various partners we will be bringing this innovation to South Africa. This is what we are riding for. Let’s Innovate. Read More


We are about people from all creeds, religions and backgrounds coming together to inspire a generation, a revolution of change. Together we can achieve so much more and that is why we call people from all walks of life in our rainbow nation to join hands and make magic happen…

Diversity and Unity

This unity will bring about an incredible sense of accomplishment for us to achieve things which others call impossible. We say these things are possible! The inspiration of providing a sustainable solution to others will undoubtedly cause a ripple effect of inspiration. Read More


Israel is a partner to so many nations around the world. We believe South Africa should be one of those partners. We want to illuminate the potential that this relationship can provide to South Africa, Africa and the world…

Illuminate the potential

The greatness that can be achieved if only what’s on offer is utilized, developed and known. Israel can provide the most unique and innovative solutions that could help millions of people in our country. It’s time to make it happen. Read More

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